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Today: July 13, 2020

Events for the week of July 25, 2010

07/25Solano Beach Sprint Tri & Duathlon

07/26Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

07/26Swim at Ladera Ranch7:00-8:00pm

07/27Swim at Ladera Ranch6:00-7:00am

07/27Trainer Ride at JSerra7:45am. Cycling Intervals and Technique Session. Bring your own trainer

07/27Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

07/27Track at Beckman 6:30pm. Running Technique, Drills, Conditioning and pacing.

07/28Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

07/28Long Ride from WAC8:15am
Following the Nova Swim Practice.
30-50 miles depending on focus and time of year.

07/28Swim at Ladera Ranch7:00-8:00pm

07/29Swim at Ladera Ranch6:00-7:00am

07/29Track at JSerra7:45am. Running Technique, Drills, Conditioning and pacing.

07/29Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

07/30Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

07/31Swim at Ladera Ranch8:00am

07/31Surfmonkey Open Water at Oceanside Pier