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Today: August 13, 2020

Events for the week of August 30, 2020

08/30OC SEALS - Special PracticePoint-to-Point 2.4+ mile Ocean Swim
CdM to BC
RSVP closes Fri Aug 14 at 2pm

08/31OC Seals - OWS PM PracticeMB
6:00-7:15pm (Mike)
RSVP Required

09/01Chasing The Grizzly Virtual Event15 Mile Virtual event. Add up your yardage over the month in pool or open water swims.

09/02OC Seals - OWS AM PracticeND
6:00-7:30am (Mike/Steph)
Level 1 Cert opportunity

09/03Coach Steph VacaySeptember 3-13