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Today: March 25, 2023

Events for the week of December 13, 2020

12/13OC SEALS - OWS PracticeCB, LB
10:30am (Mike)

12/14VASA ERG & Dryland TrainingCASA COLLINS
5:00-5:50pm (Mike)
Dryland Swim Technique & Conditioning before Book Club Meeting
RSVP at link

12/14Tower 26 Swimming Book Club - Mtg 36:00-7:00pm (Mike)
ZOOM Meeting
Discussion of pages 35-84.
(Chapter 4 Technique)

12/19OC Seals - Special Wetsuit Technique PracticeWAC
12:00-1:30pm (Mike)
Wetsuit Technique Practice
Tempo Trainer Work