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March, 2022
Today: December 05, 2023

Events for the week of March 13, 2022

03/13Time Change"Spring Forward" Clocks 1 Hour

03/13Pool Open Water & Wetsuit ClinicWAC/Irvine HS
Wetsuit swimming Techniques & Open Water Skills Development.
RSVP Required at link above

03/14OC SEALS - Pool PracticeLaguna Beach HS Pool
7:00-8:00am (Stephanie)

03/14Registration Opens -Spring LB Pool PracticesSpring Quarter is April 1 - June 8

03/15Registration Opens -Spring LB Pool PracticesSign-up at link above for Spring Session of OC Seals Pool Practices at Laguna Beach Community Pool. Session runs from April 1 - June 15

03/16OC SEALS - Pool PracticeLaguna Beach HS Pool
7:00-8:00am (Mike C)

03/19OC Seals - Open Water Clinic (Bay&Ocean)Newport Beach
7:30-9:00am Bay (Mike/Steph)
9:15-10:30am Ocean (Mike/Steph) Cold Water Acclimation
Wetsuit Swimming Technique
Navigation, Sighting, & Buoy turns
RSVP Required

03/19Laguna Beach Lifeguard Tryouts #27:30am Sign-in
9:00am Events